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Gourmet Market

As our wine production and popularity grow - we are being more selective about the other Finger Lakes wines that are on our shelves. A few of our favorites: Damiani (of course!), Sheldrake Point, Shalestone, Red Tail Ridge and our neighbors Heart & Hands, King Ferry and Long Point. We try to maintain a selection that includes variety, quality and value.

Pancake mixThe selection of foods from our gourmet market is also top of the line. We have artisanal cheeses: from cows', sheeps' and goats' milk, from mild to sharp, soft and creamy to hard. Many have received state and national acclaim.

Gourmet mustardWe also have a great selection of products from small scale food producers that are spread across the state from the Adirondacks to the Hudson Valley and throughout the Finger Lakes region. These include dressings and dipping sauces, jams and granola, pasta and pesto, pancake mix and maple syrup. Our assortment of confections includes chocolates, biscotti, hot fudge, peanut brittle and even grape twizzlers. We're always on the look out for what's new and tasty! And we're always amazed at what we find!

When you visit the shop, some of these are available for tasting on a rotating basis. Now if we could figure out a way to let you experience the aromas and tastes through the internet! Wouldn't that be awesome??

Store Hours:

Open Daily, 11-6